SABBATH & HBR study finds having more vacation time will force you to be more efficient #HarvardBusinessReviewo

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This Harvard Business Review research found that employees who have more vacation days (such as in Europe where employees typically get 28-41 days) makes employees not necessarily less stressed, but it does seem to make them more efficient. It seems there is a positive correlation between having more vacation days and being more efficient on the days when you are in the office. Here is a sun native quote from the article, ‘Perhaps instead of telling your head of HR that you need more vacation time for your well-being, you can simply tell him or her that having more vacation time will force you to be more efficient’.”

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TIME OFF & 5 Surprisingly Good Reasons to Pay–Yes, Pay!–Employees to Go on Vacation #IncMagazi ne

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “30 years of consulting has proven to me that the Christian world has failed at maintaining work/like balance. Yet, research shows that employees who take time away from the office, are more productive. (Remember God rested after working six days.) Reread Genesis 1-2 and then read this important article. It is time we follow God’s model and begins to increase our missional productivity by revisiting what it means encourage and strategically embrace rest.”

by Minda Zetlin, Inc. Magazine, 3/3/15.

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TIME OFF & The Key To Office Productivity: Get Out Of The Office #ForbesMagazine

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “My fellow professor Dr. Charles Arn likes to remark that he gets more work done from his home in California than he does when he is in our offices in Marion, Indiana. And all of us professors intuitively know that, but now research supports it. Getting off site and away from office distractions and informal powwows allows employees to focus more on their primary work as demonstrated in this research.”

by Kate Ashford, Forbes Magazine, 2/24/15.

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