SMALL GROUPS & 8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel:  “Elmer Towns wrote the introduction to a very good book on small group leadership and since he is a friend and mentor, this encouraged me to check out the book.  The book is titled, “8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders” and it is by Dave Early.  It covers each of the “8 habits of effective small group leaders” in a chapter.  Here are the chapters, but for good insights, check out the book.”

  1. Dream of leading a healthy, growing, multiplying group.
  2. Pray for group members daily
  3. Invite new people to visit the group weekly
  4. Contact group members regularly
  5. Prepare for the group meeting
  6. Mentor an apprentice leader
  7. Plan group fellowship activities
  8. Be committed to personal growth