MULTIPLICATION & @WesleySeminary Students Have Articles Published via CONG-520 Course

Students Publish Articles as an Alternative Assignment for CONG-520: Building a Multi-generational Church

As an alternative assignment for CONG-520, Dr. Whitesel encourages students to write two articles for publication based upon what they have learned about multiplying cross cultural sub-congregations (venues, sites, campuses) in his course.

Below is an abbreviated list of students who have had the articles they wrote for this course published.

Command Magazine, a resource for Christian leaders in the military, published Shawn Cossin’s article titled Restoring Order: How To Manage the Unmanageable and is available at  Or the entire magazine can be downloaded at (just go to pages 6-8 to read Shawn’s article).

The Ooze Webzine,

Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox  

Hoosier United Methodist Magazine, titled Together, published Mike Morley’s article, Bridging the Multi-generational Gap.  The online version of this magazine has the article posted at

The Salvation Army Magazine called The Officer is published internationally to 111 countries, ran an article by Robyn Bridgeo titled “Third Space.” The article was birthed out of ideas discussed in this course.

Laurie Turnow had her article title “All Ages, Please Apply” about generationally staffing a crisis pregnancy center printed in At The Center magazine:

Dr. Whitesel stated, “This is a great way for students to share insights from their Building a Multi-generational Church course with other church leaders.  And, as I recall, none of the above students expected to be published.”