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Episode Info #71

Dr. Bob Whitesel brings incredible, research-based insight and a glimpse into each of the 7 systems necessary for healthy church growth. For show notes: http://www.reclaimedleader.com/episode71

ARTS & How 2 Broadway Actors are Using It To Connect People with Scripture.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: A former client, Presbyterian pastor Jason Tucker, has created with a colleague an engaging and highly practical podcast titled: Reclaimed Leader. Check out this sample episode, which interviews two Broadway-experienced actors and how they are using their talents to make the Scriptures come alive.

Episode 61: Stephen and Juliette Trafton – Living Letters

We all know that stories are powerful.  It’s the reason people lean-in when they hear, “Let me tell you a story.”  Stories shape us.  They make meaning.  They entertain us.  They connect us with one another.  And, we remember them, sometimes for decades after we’ve heard them.  It’s no accident that God inspired the format of scripture to be, primarily, story.

Stephen and Juliette are two successful Broadway actors who started their own ministry of performing the letters of Paul and the Book of Ruth. Today they talk about the transformational power of story, embodying scripture, and the role of the arts in the local church.

Welcome to Episode 61! (iTunes link)

Episode Summary and Timestamps:

The Bright Lights of Broadway

  • Stephen and Juliette share the stories of their journey as actors which led them to Broadway, married life, and then to a growing sense of call to ministry through their local church. 00:05:30
  • They share about the ‘myth of making it’ and the identity and self-worth issues that can often accompany life as an actor. 00:12:00

The Growing Call to Ministry

  • Stephen shares about his journey from Broadway to a small group for actors at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC that helped shape a growing sense of call to ministry.  God gave Stephen a vision for helping bring scripture to life through Living Letters – using theater and imagination to invite the congregation into the experience of the original hearers. 00:15:00

The Role of Arts in the Church

  • Juliette shares a vision for an experience of the gathered church that engages all of the senses in order to fully capture hearts and minds.  Engaging the imagination, the emotions, and the intellect can help the story of scripture come alive for people. 00:22:00
  • Stephen reflects on the arts represented in the Bible and how they worked to shape the people and can have the same shaping effect today. 00:24:30