COMMUNICATION & Siri TV by Apple? An Early Look. #Tripp&Tyler #MoreGoodCleanHumor

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel:  Tripp & Tyler are two humorists that utilize short videos to capture their satire. You can find several of the videos I use in my courses to teach students by clicking “humor” in the “Tag Cloud” (right sidebar) in  Here is their take on Apple’s comprehension-impaired PA: Siri.

SPEAKING & How Storytelling Makes Your Speaking Memorable

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “It’ a teaching tool not just reserved for the Son of God 🙂 … because storytelling (i.e. narrative) is key to not only memorable speaking presentations, but bringing about change too (Wishert, 2013). Here are specific steps to attach appropriate stories so that listeners remember a message.”

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