HUMOR & How “Dilbert” Practically Wrote Itself #HarvardBusinessReview

by Meghan Ennes Harvard Business Review, 6/3/15.

To mark his contribution to the hallowed halls of management comedy, we’re profiling Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, in this month’s issue of HBR. He was kind enough to lend us his 550-page tome Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert, where he reveals that more than a handful of the comics documented in his legendary workplace strip actually came straight – sometimes verbatim – from his readers’ work-lives, and his own.

Adams started cartooning while working at Pacific Bell Telephone Company (later acquired by AT&T), after being repeatedly passed over for promotion. “The day you realize that your efforts and rewards are not related, it really frees up your calendar,” he says in his book, “I had time for hobbies.” Some of the first Dilbert doodles appeared on the whiteboard in Adams’ cube, and it was one of his coworkers who suggested the name of the title character.

As you may have guessed, the office milieu gave Adams all the material he needed.

adams-cartoon-3-web copy

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