CHANGE & My video introduction to “The 4 Forces that Control Change” #LEAD600

Here is a video introduction to articles I have written (for anyone) and assignments (for students in LEAD 600, etc.) that deal with controlling change (which we call theories of changing). It introduces the viewer to “The Four Forces that Control Change” and how to manage each.

©️Bob Whitesel 2017, used by permission only.

Articles mentioned in the video as well as additional articles are available at the following links:

Download the Church Executive article by Bob Whitesel here:  ARTICLE_Four Forces-Whitesel (Church Executive Article)

Fownload the article in the Journal of the Great Commission Research Network here: article-whitesel-gcrn-toward-a-holistic-and-postmodernal-theory-of-change-in-cg-literature-gcrn . To subscribe and/or receive more information about The Great Commission Research Journal (the new name) click here:

And find more “theories of changing” articles on here:




CONFLICT & A video intro to LEAD 600 homework on conflict resolution & power-plays

This is a video that I provide to my students as an introduction to the weekly LEAD 600 (Congregational Leadership) topics.  I hope it also creates the feeling of a live course.

The video was recorded at the annual conference of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) which I was attending in Detroit. Dr. John Perkins (founder of the CCDA) has greatly influenced my thinking as evident from these excerpts that reflect Dr. Perkins’ influence on my articles and books.

©️Bob Whitesel used by permission only.




VISION & How to improve clarity and impact: a video introduction #LEAD600

In my courses, my students evaluate existing vision and mission statements with a goal of improving clarity and impact. To assist them in the evaluation, I’ve recorded a video introduction to their homework on evaluating vision and mission statements (LEAD 600: Strategic Leadership and Management).

©️Bob Whitesel 2017, used by permission only.


SWOT & My video introduction to conducting a strategic audit #LEAD600

Here is another video introduction I provide to students and colleagues regarding how to conduct a SWOT (strength/weakness/opportunity/threat) analysis and a related TOWS matrix.  Watch this a 5-minute introduction to these important strategy and tactic evaluation tools.

©️Bob Whitesel 2017, used by permission only.

STO LEADERSHIP & A video intro for my students & others to discover your mix of 3 leadership traits

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 9/25/17.

STO Leadership (Strategic-Tacical-Leadership traits) is a meta-model of leadership I have adapted/applied to ministry leadership. Most leadership colleagues/students find very helpful.  For a brief introduction …

A) Watch the video introduction below.

B) Read this short explanation of the three traits of leaders: Strategic-Tactical-Operational here:

C) Read about the different names authors have used interchangeably with Strategic-Tactical-Operational here:

D) Then read the “Questions and Answers at STO Leadership” at this link:

E) Finally, take the questionnaire yourself to find which is your dominant and sub-dominant leadership traits. The questionnaire is available FREE here:


FORGIVENESS & A video introduction to Corrie ten Boom #LEAD600

Commentary by Prof. B: Students in my LEAD 600: Strategic Leadership and Management look at the life of Corrie ten Boom as an example of forgiveness in the face or heinous racial and religious persecution.  Watch this video for a powerful 4 minute introduction:


TEAMS & A video introduction to LEAD 600 assignments on team building

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 9/22/17.

This video includes an annotated explanation of the assignment parameters on “teams” in LEAD 600. Before you watch the video be sure to  read the instructions in both the syllabus and weekly assignment.

©️Bob Whitesel 2017, used by permission only.