CHURCH PLANTING & Unauthorized Immigrants: Who they are and what the public thinks #PewResearch

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “Where should we be planting multiethnic churches? How about in the six states which account for 60% of unauthorized immigrants along with those states where the trend is increasing. Regardless of your feeling about their status, they are here and within our care.”

By Pew Research, 2/25/15.

While the number of unauthorized immigrants leveled off nationally from 2009 to 2012, there were increases in seven states and declines in 14.

Unauthorized immigration populations rose or fell in 21 states.Six states — California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois — accounted for 60% of unauthorized immigrants in 2012. But illustrating the shifting trends in immigration patterns within the U.S., five East Coast states were among those seeing increases in the number of unauthorized immigrants from 2009 to 2012: Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Meanwhile, the unauthorized immigrant population declined in six Western states, including California and Nevada, which have been popular destinations for those immigrants. In 13 of the 14 states where there were declines in the unauthorized immigrant population, the chief factor was the drop in the number of unauthorized immigrants from Mexico.

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