MANAGEMENT & 8 Differences Between Strong & Weak Managers, Told Through Cartoons #ForbesMagazine

by John Youshaei, Forbes Magazine, 7/13/17.

1. Strong Managers Focus On Progress; Weak Managers Focus On Process

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Yes, you need some process to keep employees in check. But when you have too much, you kill creativity. This is what ultimately drives the success of any organization. Don’t destroy it. Don’t be afraid to adjust or remove processes to help your team push the envelope. Encouraging progress, not process, is essential for your company’s long term growth…

3. Strong Managers Compete With Themselves; Weak Managers Compete With Others

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4. Strong Managers Work For A Cause; Weak Managers Work For Applause

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6. Strong Managers Respect Your Time; Weak Managers Waste It

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WORSHIP & A leadership exercise comparing worship in different eras (Yikes! The 80s are Back ;-)

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: This is an exercise about understanding how different cultures worship. My students enjoy it, so I thought I would post it here. Here is how the leadership exercise works:

Watch this video:

It is a humorous video that actually teaches an important cultural lesson too. It is by the Christian band called Glad. They were known for great vocals (and probably also for 80s haircuts 😉

(the video seems to have disappeared, but here is the audio version.)

But aside from their fashion statement, the group makes a good cultural point in this video. Write down a paragraph regarding the point of their video in your mind.

This is an exercise to allow you to dig deeper into cultural patterns and why they differ. So what is the lesson from this video about culture, when we recognize culture is comprised of behaviors, ideas and products (Hiebert, 1997)?

Here is a more recent version of the video to will enjoy also:

And, for a final bit of humor here is a puppet ministry visualizing the song.)

HUMOR & Super Bowl Commercials That Have Captured The Spirit Of The Culture

1984 The Rise of Customer-friendly Technology

2006 Incompetency at Work

2012 A Hunger for Nostalgia

2012 Living in a Dangerous World

2014 Living in a Mosiac World

2015 Men Can Care Too

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BIAS & Why It is Hard to Grasp, When You Haven’t Historically Experienced It

Saturday Night Live, SNL, 11/12/16.

EXEGETE CONTEXT & Why You Must Do It: 2 Humorous Examples from State Farm®

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: In communication theory, context must be exegeted carefully to ascertain the original speaker/writer’s environment and intent. Here are two 30-second videos that serve as a great example, courtesy of State Farm® Insurance.

HUMOR & 3 Envelopes for the displaced pastor

by David Briggs, Huffington Post, 6/1/16.

There is a popular joke about displaced pastors preparing three envelopes for their successor to be opened each time the new person runs into trouble.

The first time it happens, the new pastor opens the envelope marked No. 1 and it reads, “Blame your predecessor.”

The second time, the pastor finds a note instructing him to, “Blame denominational policy.”

It is not long before the pastor once again finds himself on the wrong side of the congregation. This time, the note inside reads, “Draw up three envelopes. …”

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HUMOR & What the Church Greeter is Really Thinking

(Discovered and shared by colleague Dr. Colleen Derr.)