ACCOUNTABILITY & My Learning Exercise For Leaders To Evaluate Their Accountability

by Bob Whitesel Ph.D., 7/6/15.

Accountability!  As church leaders we know we need it.  Still, there is something in us that makes us want to chaff at the idea of answerability, perhaps for fear of tyrannical abuses.  In my chapter “Missteps with the Centrality of Christ” in the book Growth by Accident, Death by Planning (Abingdon Press) I suggest that having loving, compassionate, and genuinely altruistic guidance is necessary if we are to grow churches that are guided by healthy pastors.

Here is an exercise I’ve developed to help you understand how you are doing in this area.

GBA_Med11.  Do you HAVE an effective accountability group?  If so, describe how it functions in one paragraph and share what you wrote with someone.


2. If you do NOT have an effective accountability group, describe in one paragraph what an ideal accountability group might look like and give some steps to fostering one.

This is a great short exercise to help us learn from our friends various processes, principles, associations, and structures that can help us stay connected during the growth process with our mission field, our family, and our Lord.