WOMEN & Grudem on Grudem’s Studies via #ScotMcKnight

Introduction by Scot McKnight to an Interview with Wayne Grudem by Books at a Glance.

Wayne Grudem has recently been interviewed by Books at a Glance, and here is a brief clip — at the link you can see the whole interview: I’m not so sure that ‘complementarian’ can be defined as ‘equal in value but different in their God-given roles.’ It’s not difference that is the issue; the issue is the kind of difference.”

More at … http://www.patheos.com/blogs/jesuscreed/2014/08/06/grudem-on-grudems-studies/

Read the entire interview at .., http://booksataglance.com/author-interviews/interview-with-wayne-grudem-author-of-evangelical-feminism-and-biblical-truth