WRITING & Why It Is The Absolutely Essential, But Most-Overlooked Skill You Need To Succeed at Management

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This article cites compelling research that suggests a leader’s ability to ‘write out clearly’ their plans and objectives is critical for good leadership and management. Writing down your plans creates accountability, shared goal-ownership and a history that can be evaluated. No wonder leaders such as John Wesley, known as the founder of Methodism, was renowned for journaling about almost everything. My students sometimes wonder why I require excellent writing skills, and this article reminds us that having a written account speeds communication and fosters teamwork while creating a history that can be tracked, measured and replicated.”

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TECHNOLOGY & Use by College and Graduate Students #PewResearch

Connected college students“When it comes to general internet access, young adults of all stripes are much more likely than the general population to go online. Fully 92% of 18-24 year olds who do not attend college are internet users, comparable to the rate for community college students and just slightly lower than the rate for undergraduate and graduate students (nearly 100% of whom access the internet).

Undergraduate and graduate students differentiate themselves more clearly when it comes to home broadband access, as more than nine in ten undergraduate (95%) and graduate students (93%) are home broadband users—well well above the national adult average of 66%.

Community college students (78% of whom are home broadband users) and young non-students (82% of non-students in the 18-24 age cohort are home broadband users) adopt broadband in comparable numbers—both have higher adoption rates than older adults but lower adoption rates than students in undergraduate or graduate institutions.

When it comes to accessing the internet on a mobile device such as a laptop or cell phone, young non-students (79% of whom are wireless users) are a bit less likely to go online wirelessly than either undergraduate or graduate students, but notably more likely than the overall adult population to do so. These differences in wireless usage between students and non-students are largely driven by differences in laptop computer ownership.”

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