COMMUNICATION & From Gutenberg to Google – analysis by Elmer Towns

Commentary by Prof. B: Elmer Towns, founding professor of Liberty University School of Theology and elder statesman of the Church Growth Movement, shared his meta-perspectives on communication, by contrasting Gutenberg and Google.

Address by Elmer Towns D.Min., Ph.D., 10/19/17 to the annual meeting of The Great Commission Research Network at Asbury Theological Seminary, Oct. 19, 2017.

Gutenberg controlled the printing process by utilizing lightly trained individuals and an expert who oversaw the process. This created a top-down approach, which is not a rational approach but a power-based approach.

Google has democratized information.  It is bottom up and individualized. The next generations will probably attain their knowledge in this manner.

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TRENDS & What Are We Looking For? Top Google Searches & Ways the Church Can Respond #LifeWay

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “LifeWay Research has looked at the top 10 Google searches and suggested how Christians can address each one. Google searches tell us in what people are interested and what questions they may have about those topics. Read this helpful article with suggestions about how the church should respond. Below are the top three searches and LifeWay’s advice for Christian leaders.”

3. Ebola

Why were people searching? The deadly disease became an epidemic in West Africa before isolated cases spread to the U.S. and other Western nations.

What can the church do? Thank God for the work of missionary doctors, nurses, and other Christian medical-relief workers who risked their lives to fight the disease, many of whom were named as TIME‘s Person of the Year. Christians can also work to empower the people in those nations to improve their medical care and societal structures.

2. World Cup

Why were people searching? The 2014 World Cup in Brazil saw Germany capture its fourth championship in the world’s most celebrated soccer tournament. The final match between Germany and Argentina was the most watched soccer match in American history.

What can the church do? We should recognize the growing impact soccer has in our nation, which is due in part to the influx of individuals from other soccer loving countries. The world is coming to us.

1. Robin Williams

Why were people searching? The famous actor and comedian committed suicide at his home this past August.

What can the church do? Be more open and honest about mental illness, including its presence in our pews. Our mental health issue offered numerous resources and help for those looking to minister to the 1-in-4 Americans who suffer from a mental illness.

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