GENERATIONS & A chart comparing Generations X, Y & Z by Dr. Jan Paron for #GCRN18 #GreatCommissionResearchNetwork

by Dr. Jan Paron, 10/18/18, Great Commission Research Network annual conference, Orlando, FL, graduate of the Missional Coach program..

(bio from web) Her work reflects experience in urban ministry and leadership, diversity, strategic planning, grant writing, children and adult literacy, teaching children of poverty, differentiating instruction, and curriculum development. Currently, she is a dean and professor with the All Nations Leadership Institute. She was one of the Institute’s founding members.

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GENERATIONS & 11 Things You Really Should Know About Generation Y

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This Inc. Magazine article based upon the new book ‘Knowing Generation Y’ explains, among many things, that Generation Y likes customization. This has implications for our churches, in that we must offer a variety of worship expressions to reach different segments of generations. This also adds to the challenge of uniting them – but since worship is not a time to unite with each other, but with God; the effective church should be able to offer unity events at other times and venues. And by offering specialized types of worship expressions the effective church can reach younger generations who have grown up with customization to meet their needs.”

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