WOMEN & Resources For Empowerment in Women’s Lives

Infographic: Resources for Empowerment in Women's LivesResources for Empowerment in Women’s Lives

No society can prosper without providing equal access to resources for women and men so that they are empowered to shape their own lives and contribute to their families and communities. Resources and opportunities that act as building blocks for empowerment include education, employment, and health care. The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program collected data on aspects of women’s and men’s access to resources in 47 countries during the years 2000-2012

Infographic by: dhsprogram

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TEAM BUILDING: Stop Trying to Control People … Empower Them

Stop Trying to Control People…
by Yves Morieux, Harvard Business Review

“There are six smart rules. The first three involve enabling—providing the information needed to understand where the problems are and empowering the right people to make good choices. The second three involve impelling—motivating people to apply all their abilities and to cooperate, thanks to feedback loops that expose them as directly as possible to the consequences of their actions.

The idea is to make finding solutions to complex performance requirements far more attractive than disengagement, ducking cooperation, or finger-pointing…”



LEADERSHIP & Servanthood

Leading as a servant and how to stop doing the things you’re not good at

by Sandi Krakowwski, Entrepreneur Magazine, 2/4/14

“We live in a world where the chase for power is increasing. Someone is always getting thrown under the bus so another person can get ahead. The “top of the food chain” philosophy that has infected our workforce and leadership has thrived on the accumulation of power and practices to get ahead.

Yet when all is said and done, have we really gotten ahead by this change?

There is a better way. It’s called Servant Leadership, and it can be applied in workplaces and homes. It is an act of faith, best defined by coming alongside others, leading by example and helping the people around and under you. Using it allows you to go further in all areas of life, rather than pursuing positional leadership that dominates and dictates your employees…”

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