MULTIPLICATION & Why You Need a Resilience Strategy Now

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This article cites scholarly research that indicates that organizations which “diversify” are more likely to be resilient, i.e. to survive economic and societal cycles.

This is especially important for churches. Because churches are often homogeneous, congregations often grow and die because they are ministering to only one homogeneous group.

For example a church could be ministering to an aging Anglo-American constituency. But as a Hispanic community blossoms in the community, the church dies because it’s focusing upon one homogeneous group (and that group’s lifecycle is waning in the neighborhood). But, if the church reaches out to both Anglo Americans and Latino/Latina Americans at the same time it can through diversification. Then it would be growing into a new lifecycle. However most churches don’t think about diversification and wait until it’s too late. (Note: I am talking about cultural diversification and NOT theological diversification. I would advocate that all cultural diversification should be orthodox in theology.)

So, as churches diversify by offering different ministries and different worship options to reach different cultures – the church diversifies and becomes resilient.

Read this important article to be reminded that your critical strategic decision is to diversify your organization so that:

1) it has the strength of uniting people of different cultures
2) and can do so over an extended period of time.”

Following article by Andrew Winston, Harvard Business Review

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