CONFLICT & A video intro to LEAD 600 homework on conflict resolution & power-plays

This is a video that I provide to my students as an introduction to the weekly LEAD 600 (Congregational Leadership) topics.  I hope it also creates the feeling of a live course.

The video was recorded at the annual conference of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) which I was attending in Detroit. Dr. John Perkins (founder of the CCDA) has greatly influenced my thinking as evident from these excerpts that reflect Dr. Perkins’ influence on my articles and books.

©️Bob Whitesel used by permission only.




FEEDBACK & Research Confirms It Is Better to Get the Bad News First #PsychologyToday

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel:  I tell my students/clients not to avoid conflict (as many pastors do) but rather get the “bad news first”… and then the good news, because your mood will be most affected by the last thing you heard. Research confirms this as cited in this article in Psychology Today magazine.

Why Hearing Good News or Bad News First Really Matters

Whether we want to hear the positive or the negative first says a lot about us.