CONFERENCES & If You’re Not Doing These 8 Things Every Time You Go to a Conference, Don’t Bother Attending

by Nancy Shenker, Inc. Magazine, 2/7/18.

Although I’ve attended hundreds of conferences over the years (as a speaker, attendee, sponsor and exhibitor), certain time-tested principles still hold true — Attend with a goal or two in mind, use your time wisely, and be open to new ideas and surprises.

1. Choose wisely. Review and speakers and agenda and choose a location where you might have other business to do. Reach out to your network and find out who else is attending.

2. Set a clear objective before you go. Are you shopping for apps or looking for career opportunities? Be clear on what you want to get out of the day (or two or three).

3. If the event has an app, download it. Peruse the speakers and other attendees and send LinkedIn invites to the people who interest you. Plan which sessions you’ll be attending and which sponsors you want to visit.

4. Capitalize on random opportunities that crop up. For example, I ran into someone I met last year while waiting for a Lyft. We rode to and from the cocktail party and he may now be working with me on a new business proposal.

5. Attend at least one session way out of your wheelhouse. And in all sessions, be sure to introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you.

6. Take good notes and share them with your network. Tweeting and posting “words of wisdom” from speakers is a great way to demonstrate to your followers and clients that you’re staying on top of trends.

7. Go to the cocktail parties and stay off your phone. Although talking to strangers is often awkward, you can use questions ranging from, “How are the meatballs?” to “What did you think of the last speaker?” to break the ice. If you see someone standing around looking lost, introduce yourself.

8. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Some people still love paper business cards. You can use an app like CamCard to store them directly to your phone. I also bring along a few plastic snack bags whenever I go to a conference. I label them with a Sharpie so I know who falls into which category (e.g., great interview topic, potential client, etc.) Be sure to send notes or make LinkedIn connections as soon as you return (or even on the plane or train). The longer you go without contacting the people you met, the less likely you are to ever do it.

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CONFERENCES & 5 Things You MUST Do After a Conference

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “This article gives 5 helpful ideas you can do after a conference to make the most of the experience, including: 1) write down your takeaways, 2) de-clutter your freebies, 3) follow up and follow through with contacts, 4) develop relationships & 5) pray. Read the article for a good explanation of each.”


Many of us spend enormous amounts of time, energy, and money attending conferences. These events are often exhilarating experiences, but by the time next year’s conference rolls around we can barely remember anything about the previous one. How can you make sure the lessons, connections, and thoughts you had during the conference stick with you?

I recently attended the Legacy Conference in Chicago. It’s my third year going and this time, and I’ll always go if I have my choice. This conference boasts that rare combination of solid, biblical truth along with racial and ethnic diversity. In addition, the casual atmosphere virtually guarantees you’ll leave there with more friends than when you started.

Our team had the singular privilege of representing the Reformed African American Network (RAAN) with our own workshop track. The conference theme was “The Imago Dei”and our track built on this theme as we focused on “The Imago Dei and the Minority Experience.

But as I sat on the plane drifting in and out of sleep I had the somber feeling that the lessons learned and new relationships begun would begin to waft away in the breeze of time. I determined God had blessed me with too many gifts at this conference to let them be forgotten. In an attempt at good stewardship, we should all perform these five tasks to make the most of our experience after a conference…

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