WOMEN LEADERS & Tim Keller, Women & Ignoring Your Own Rules by Krishna Kandiah

by Krish Kandiah, 1/3/15.

If you know me a little or if you have read this blog before you know I love Tim Keller. He is one of my favourite authors and preachers. His gracious tone makes him one of a very small number of people I know of who have the capacity to take on the role of Global elder statesman in the mold of John Stott and Billy Graham (in his prime). I have had the opportunity to tell him this in person. I also had the opportunity to ask him directly about one area where I found his position puzzling. It was on the role of women. Tim was one of the founders of the Gospel Coalition whose name suggests that it is a gathering of Christians around the gospel. Indeed on the Gospel Coalition website it says “We are a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures…”

Why Is TGC Complementarian? from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

… Conclusion

I contend that it is possible to have a high view of scripture and believe that women can take on leadership roles in the church.

I contend that egalitarians are not all cowards – sometimes egalitarians have faced significant opposition from conservative friends and colleagues because of where their reading of scripture have taken them.

I contend that the role of women in leadership in the church is not an unasailable division – if we have found a way to find unity in diversity on baptism surely we can on this issue.

I have benefited greatly from the ministry of all of the men in this video, they have produced some brilliant books and materials, its such a shame this video is not up to their usual high standards.

I would like to encourage the Gospel Coalition to reconsider its position in light of Keller’s very helpful rules of engagement and consider removing this inflammatory and insulting video. I would like to suggest a dialog between evangelical complementarians and egalitarians modelled on Keller’s rules that can genuinely engage with each other’s convictions at their best and explore ways we can find unity in the gospel rather than division on this matter.

Post Script

I have been asked to provide some reading material to help read Egalitarianism at its best.

Here’s my limited list – very happy for other suggestions:

1. Women in the Church’s Ministry – RT France, Eerdmans
2. Bible Speaks Today – The Message of Women: Creation, Grace and Gender, Derek and Dianne Tidball, IVP
3. How I Changed my Mind about Women in Leadership, Zondervan
4. The Gender Agenda, Lis Goddard & Clare Hendry, IVP
5. The Blue Parakeet, Scott McKnight, Zondervan.
6. Women in the Church: A biblical Theology of Women in Ministry, Stanley Grenz

Here are some others recommended through social media ( I have not read them… yet)

Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul’s Letters’ by Philip B Payne

Women and Authority, Ian Paul , Grove Booklets

I suffer not a woman’. Kroeger & Kroeger;

‘Half the Church’ Carolyn Custis James;

‘Women & Religion’ Clark & Richardson.

Two Views on Women in Ministry, Keener and Belleville

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WOMEN & Grudem on Grudem’s Studies via #ScotMcKnight

Introduction by Scot McKnight to an Interview with Wayne Grudem by Books at a Glance.

Wayne Grudem has recently been interviewed by Books at a Glance, and here is a brief clip — at the link you can see the whole interview: I’m not so sure that ‘complementarian’ can be defined as ‘equal in value but different in their God-given roles.’ It’s not difference that is the issue; the issue is the kind of difference.”

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