FACILITIES & Churches that base their decision solely on price get exactly what they are after #TonyMorgan

“5 Mistakes Churches Make with Building Projects” by Tony Morgan, 4/12/10.

Tony Morgan says “Churches that base their decision solely on price get exactly what they are after.”

(Thanks to Sarah for finding this.) Read more at … https://tonymorganlive.com/2010/04/12/5-mistakes-with-building-projects

FACILITIES & A Video Introduction to Avoiding Missteps w/ Ministry Facilities

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/17/17.

In this video introduction I explain how missteps with facility expansion, renovation or even just reallocation can severely hinder church health.  If you are a colleague, student, client or friend who would like to undertake an exercise designed to help you analyze past missteps and how to avoid them, start with this video intro.  Then read a chapter on this I have penned available HERE: BOOK ©Whitesel EXCERPT – GROWTH BY ACCIDENT Missteps with New Facilities 2. (If you like the insights please support publisher and author by buying a copy here. The download is excerpted from my book: Growth by Accident – Death by Planning: How Not to Kill a Growing Church, Abingdon Press, 2004, pp. 76-80.)

©️Bob Whitesel 2017, used by permission only.


FAILURE & Video of the author of ENTHUSIAST! reading how Wesley overcame early failures

Watch this video of the book’s author reading a chapter (Chapter 6: Lessons from Failure) about how the adult Jacky (now John) learned two lessons:

Lesson 1: Early successes can lead to overconfidence

Lesson 2: Fear of death can test our readiness to be judged for our life.

©️Bob Whitesel used by permission only.



FORGIVENESS & A video introduction to Corrie ten Boom #LEAD600

Commentary by Prof. B: Students in my LEAD 600: Strategic Leadership and Management look at the life of Corrie ten Boom as an example of forgiveness in the face or heinous racial and religious persecution.  Watch this video for a powerful 4 minute introduction:


FEEDBACK & Don’t Criticize Your Boss? Here’s Why You Should #SimonSinek

By Abraham Rozenbaum and Jardley Jean-Louis, Inc Magazine, 9/11/17.

Author of Find Your Why, Simon Sinek says that you should help your boss the same way you would help a friend. Inc. Magazine,





FORGIVENESS & TV newsman stunned by forgiveness incarnated by Coptic Christians of Egypt #TheBibleSociety


View more at… https://vimeo.com/212755977/description via The Bible Society of Egypt, 4/15/17

FATHERS & People Tend to View Their Heavenly Father the Way They View Their Earthy Father

David C. Dollahite, “Faith, Fathering and Spirituality” in The Journal of Men’s Studies, vol. 7, issue 1 (Ann Arbor, MI: 1998), p 12.


Download the full article here: article-dollahite-faith-fathering-and-spirituality-in-the-journal-of-mens-studies-vol-7-issue-1-1998-p-12