STRATEGY & a #3MinuteStrategy video from my personal story about why churches shouldn’t be using the word “assimilation” in their #GuestServices.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: Click the picture below to see my latest “3-minute strategy” video on Biblical Leadership Magazine that just dropped on their website. Learn what the building behind me (Chicagoans – do you know it) can represent in the minds of Gen. X (and how we should adjust our guest services in response).

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POST-PANDEMIC CHURCH & Practical solutions any church can adopt from my interview with Serving Strong.

My colleague Scott Couchenour at has a video-cast of practical ideas for missional impact. I was honored to be one of his recent guests.

In this 30-minute interview I describe how churches can emerge post-pandemic stronger if they adopt certain strategies of a hybrid church.

Check out his website and the video here:

VISION & What Makes a Visionary Leader #Video @BobWhitesel #ChurchCentral

What makes a visionary leader?

May 4, 2017 | by Bob Whitesel


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Bob Whitesel gives historical background to the term strategic leader.Explore the characteristics of this leadership and think about who models these attributes on your church’s team. (Excerpted from the Society For Church Consulting’s Church Staffing Summit 2015.)

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SMALL GROUPS & Why A Growing Church Stays as Small As Possible #Video

QUOTE: “Small groups are one of the most important structures in the church for discipleship.” Bob Whitesel.

VIDEO of Bob Whitesel Ph.D., Oct. 2012 at the Conference, Nashville, TN. Published by For more info see Cure for the Common Church: God’s Plan to Restore Church Health (Wesleyan Publishing House).

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A video of Bob Whitesel: OUTREACH & Get Radical by Asking Your Community About Their Needs

Bob Whitesel, Oct. 2012, Conference, Nashville, TN

Professor Whitesel summarizes a simple “need-based” strategy for growing your church through outreach. (From Church Central’s Turnaround 20/20 summit in 2012.)

A video of Bob Whitesel: SMALL GROUPS & How To Missionalize Them To Revive Your Church

Bob Whitesel, Oct. 2012, Conference, Nashville, TN

“I have yet to find a declining or plateaued church that has above 40% of its people in small groups. Most of them have 10-15% of their people in small groups.” – Bob Whitesel at Turnaround 20/20

A video of Bob Whitesel: SMALL GROUPS & Growing Churches Require Small Group Membership

Bob Whitesel, Oct. 2012, Conference, Nashville, TN.

“If you emphasize small groups, then your church will survive pastoral changeover, location change and all the calamities that tend to divide. The small group becomes the glue.”  Bob Whitesel


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