GROWING THE POST-PANDEMIC CHURCH & Adding online worship options is preferred by 57% of people 55 and under. Here is a chart that shows how the harvest fields have moved.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel, 8/11/22. Take a look at the chart below from my seminar, Growing the Post-pandemic Chruch. On the fourth line you will find research which research reveals two important points:

  • Churches offering only onsite worship are preferred by 50% (of all ages)

  • Churches offering both onsite AND online worship: are preferred by 57% (of ages 55 & under)
© the seminar, Growing the Post-Pandemic Chruch by Bob Whitesel PhD

This chart shows the harvest field has moved with the majority now preferring churches that offer both online and on site options. In my seminars (and book) I give many reasons for having onsite AND online options. Here are just a few:

  • People who “move away” can still enjoy and participate in the worship service to which they have become accustomed.

  • People with a disability may be able to attend an online church expression and participate more effectively.

  • People who are home-ridden due to illness or age can attend.

  • People who simply resonate with your “church’s personality” can attend your church.

  • Typically people will only drive 15 minutes to a church. But with an online option people from “anywhere on the globe, for any of the above reasons” can join you for worship.

For more reasons and ideas see Growing the Post-pandemic Church: A Leadership.Church Guide.

GROWING THE POST-PANDEMIC CHURCH & Comparing onsite vs. online churches regarding giving, attendance, who prefers each and how the “great barrier to Church Growth” has disappeared.

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11-1-21.

In the studies of how churches grow, we’ve always known that most (actually 68%, Kevin D. Dougherty, Baylor Univ., 2017) of chruch attendees will only drive 15 minutes or less to a church. I’ve called this the “great barrier to Church Growth” because it is a barrier churches have not been able to overcome … until now!

This is a chart from my seminar on “Growing the Post-pandemic Church” (contact me to schedule an onsite or online seminar).

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