CHURCH HEALTH & A Review of “The Healthy Church” book from @WPHbooks

Book: The Healthy Church: Practical Ways to Strengthen a Church’s Heart, Author: Bob Whitesel (2013) reviewed by John (Jack) Pladdys, 4/14/15. What section of the book (pages and/or chapter) impacted you the most and why? Chapter 4: The Church as … Continue reading

HAVEN & 5 Principles for Making Your Church a Haven by @BobWhitesel published by @BiblicalLeader Magazine. #HealthyChurchBook from @WPHbooks

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., Biblical Leadership Magazine, 5/29/19. Jesus called His Church to come out from among the restless divisiveness of Jerusalem and be an avenue for God’s remarkable love for neighbor and God. The very words the biblical … Continue reading

REBOUND & RENEW TOOLS: 8 nationally published articles on how to grow a healthy church after a crisis (resource page w/ tools) excerpted from my book “Growing the Post-pandemic Church.”

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel:  During a shutdown, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, churches have an opportunity to prepare for rebounding and renewing into  healthier churches.  Here are articles I’ve written about how to accomplish this (published by magazines with … Continue reading

2019 was our best & busiest year yet! To celebrate, improvements are coming in 2020! Check out our new logo & URL (reflecting that many of our clients are healthy, yet wanting to maximize Kingdom impact). Check out:

2019 was our best & busiest year yet! To celebrate, improvements are coming in 2020! Check out our new logo & URL (reflecting that many of our clients are healthy, yet wanting to maximize Kingdom impact).

Today via Outreach Magazine – @BobWhitesel article “7 Systems That Must Be in Place for Healthy Church Growth”

1. Visibility (communication system) The communication system should increase the visibility of the good deeds and good actions of those who bring good news (Acts 13:32). Visibility was historically created by a church’s physical building. A spire would stand out … Continue reading

MULTICULTURAL & Steps to grow multicultural congregations (& reconciliation too) #HealthyChurchBook #reMIXbook

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: I created a new typology for understanding multicultural churches: The 5 Types of Multicultural Churches and ranked each based on how well they create reconciliation (to God) and reconciliation (to one another). See my address to academics … Continue reading

MULTI-CULTURAL CHURCH MODELS & #FullerSeminary PhD theology students use @BobWhitesel ‘s Multi-cultural Church models from #TheHealthyChurchBook by @WPHbooks

I was honored to learn today that Fuller PhD students are using charts/figures from my The Healthy Church book. Below is the ‘grid” and analysis of a “BOOK ©Whitesel EXCERPT – HEALTHY CHURCH Multicultural Models” from The Healthy Church: Practical … Continue reading

SIGNATURE MINISTRY & A case-study showing why a signature ministry is one of the of a healthy church.

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 8/15/17. I have categorized “7Marks of healthy churches” from the exhaustive research of the American Congregations 2015 Survey (available at The are: Visibility (communication system) Embracing a growing culture (reconciling system) Supernatural worship (numinous … Continue reading

MULTICULTURAL & 5 Types of Multicultural Churches Evaluated Through John Perkins’ 3 Rs #HealthyChurchBook

by Bob Whitesel PhD, 8/3/15. There are various models to describe churches that are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, etc.  To evaluate which is best for you, I have created a ‘grid’ that looks at each model through a dozen factors, including … Continue reading

MEGACHURCHES & Elmer Town’s View of Healthy Large Churches via @DanReiland #12StoneChurch

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “The thing that impressed me most about 12Stone© Church in Atlanta (a Wesleyan congregation) was that every Saturday night the pastors and leaders join together in the sanctuary to pray for the Sunday worship services.  Lead … Continue reading

MULTICULTURAL & Is a Blended Church Multicultural? It Depends on Several Things #HealthyChurchBook

by Bob Whitesel, 10/20/14 A student once shared about a church that advocated fostering a multicultural church by blending the different styles of ethnic/cultural diversity into one “blended” worship service.  The student noted, “At the time of the writing of … Continue reading

CHURCH GUESTS 101 & Don’t Say That – Say This! Revitalize a church with the words you speak. Here is a list of things not to say when you want to connect with your visitors.

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., Church Revitalizer Magazine, 4/27/21. Learn more about the changes needed in your hospitality ministries in the course, Church Guests 101 part of on uDemy. When leading a church it is very easy to miscommunicate … Continue reading

POST-PANDEMIC CHURCH & 4 out of 5 churches have returned to in-person services, with attendance levels hovering around 36% of normal capacity.

by Ericka Andersen, USA Today, 3/28/21. … Attendance at worship in decline …How eager has the rest of the country been to file back into the pews as churches ticked open nationwide? Not very. All but 3% of churches in … Continue reading