TECHNOLOGY & Why the secret is accessibility, not control. #MinistryMattersMagazine @BobWhitesel #ORGANIXbook #GenZ

(article continues) Modern Miscue: Seek to control networks. The modern leader has lived most of life in a realm of “command and control.”  Command and control is necessary in crisis situations, such as warfare or firefighting.  For Baby Boomers born … Continue reading

ORGANIX & A Chapter-by-chapter Summary of the Abingdon Press Book

Executive Summary by Cheri Wellman (1/26/16) of “ORGANIX: Signs of Leadership in a Changing Church,” Abingdon Press. ORGANIX differentiates between two prevalent leadership styles, modern and millennial. The differences that exist between these two styles is significant because it impacts … Continue reading

CONVERSION & Types With An Analysis of Organic Churches and Their Current Views on It

An Analysis of Organic Churches and Their Current Views on Conversion By Bob Whitesel, D.Min., Ph.D., Professor of Missional Leadership, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, The Journal of Evangelism and Mission, Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Vol. 10, Spring 2011, … Continue reading

POSTMODERN LEADERSHIP & Pastor Gordon pleads to not be fired

by Bob Whitesel, excerpted with permission by from ORGANIX: Signs of Leadership in a Changing Church (Abingdon, 2011). At the weekend retreat, an elder of Clarkston Church drew me aside. “We’ve decided to call for Pastor Gordon’s removal.  This … Continue reading

TEAMWORK & What Makes an Organization “Networked”? #HarvardBusinessReview

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel; “People usually misunderstand the meaning of an organizational “network.” I’ve written a chapter about this in my book ORGANIX (Abingdon Press). But General Stanley McChrystal in his new book “Team of Teams” emphasizes that in the … Continue reading