GROUP EXIT & My video intro re. how to change a church w/o losing members

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/26/17. This is another video introduction I’ve recorded for my colleagues, students and clients regarding how to prevent group exit. Students may find this video helpful in understanding their homework on the topic. More notes … Continue reading

GROUP EXIT & How a Negative Legitimizing Event Can Push People Out of Your Church … (and How a Negative Decision is Different)

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 10/24/15. I’ve written about how research reveals you can prevent group exits in churches by altering two “triggers” during the process of introducing a new idea.  The first trigger you must alter is called a … Continue reading

GROUP EXIT & An Exercise to Help You Notice When People Are Preparing to Leave a Church

by Bob Whitesel, D.Min., Ph.D., 10/23/15. Research indicates there are six stages and five triggers that occur before groups exit a church in disgust.  But research also demonstrates that be altering just two triggers, you can prevent group exit.  I have written … Continue reading

GROUP EXIT & Preventing Group Exit During Change

The 6-Stages & 5-Triggers That Prevent Group Exit by Bob Whitesel, excerpted from Staying Power: Why People Leave the Church Over Change What You Can Do About It (Abingdon Press, 2003). Stage 1: Church is relatively harmonious Trigger 1: A … Continue reading

CHANGE & A process model of church change as reflected in St. Tom’s Church, Sheffield UK

Bob Whitesel, D.Min. Ph.D., Associate Professor of Missional Leadership, Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, Journal of the Great Commission Research Network, Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter 2010. Abstract This article is an abbreviation of research originally presented to Dr. … Continue reading

NEW IDEAS & 7 Lessons for Avoiding A Church Split When You Introduce a New Idea

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 2009. For 20+ years I have studied how to successfully employ intervention events (i.e. introducing “new ideas” such as new programs, new pastor, etc. to intervene in a church’s decline).  Below are my top 7 … Continue reading

POSTMODERNITY vs. MODERNITY & A Leadership Exercise to Discover How We Lead Each Differently

by Bob Whitesel, D.Min., Ph.D., 11/3/15. In the first half of this leadership exercise (available at this link we discovered how people become outgroup members, i.e. they don’t fit in with the majority of our congregants. And this can … Continue reading

CONTEXT & When Analyzing Context is a Hypothetical Case-study Preferable?

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 8/24/15. Students in most of my courses are asked to study their ministry context and suggest strategies and plans that are applicable.  That is why their papers are called “application papers.” And, I tell my … Continue reading

CHANGE & A List of the Top Theories on Effective Church Change

By Bob Whitesel, 10/13/14 People often cite quotes on “change” by well-known Christian leaders.  But many of these statements by Christian leaders are inaccurate and sometimes just plain wrong.  Usually this is because these leaders are not experts on change … Continue reading

LEADERSHIP & Why Relational Leaders Are the Glue to Hold a Team Together by @BobWhitesel published by @BiblicalLeader Magazine.

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., Biblical Leadership Magazine, 9/13/19. (Click the following link for a short, self-scoring questionnaire to discover your 3-STRand leadership mix: In the military, relational leaders are the men and women who lead skilled teams on … Continue reading