3-STRand LEADERSHIP & Today’s 1st #SundayChurchHacks – Most churches talk too much about new programs & so they implement them too slowly. Rx = Find your “tacticians” (organizers, Rom. 12:7-8) with this self-scoring questionnaire & give them a goal date to get it done.

Below is a downloadable questionnaire to find your Strategic Leaders (visionaries), Tactical Leaders (organizers) and Relational Leaders (team leaders):

3-STRand LEADERSHIP & A video introduction & tools to discover your mix of 3 leadership traits.

For a brief introduction …

A) Look at these introductory videos:



B) Read this short explanation of the three traits of leaders: Strategic-Tactical-Relational here: 


C) Read about the different names authors have used interchangeably with Strategic-Tactical-Relational here: 


D) Then read the “Questions and Answers at 3-STRand Leadership” at this link: 


E) Finally, take the questionnaire yourself to find which is your dominant and sub-dominant leadership traits. The questionnaire is available FREE here: