TEAMS WORKING REMOTELY & 11 Techniques for Connecting with your Remote Team

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: I’ve had great responses from an online leadership university I’ve created called To create a sense of community there are certain tips I’ve learned after 20 years of online and onsite teaching. I’ll delve into those on another occasion. But here are 11 tips for creating unity when utilizing online teams.

by Lee Colan, Inc. Magazine, 3/11/20.

… Here are 11 techniques to help you team feel more connected…

1. Create a regular schedule and stick with it. Avoid the temptation to have impromptu meetings with those who are under your same roof.

2. Incorporate rituals into your virtual meetings like quickly sharing High’s/Low’s since your last meeting to get warmed up and create a window into your team’s world.

3. Ask for input from those who are remote first, then canvass the in-person team members to avoid falling into the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome.

4. Send all documents in advance so everyone is (literally) on the same page.

Electronic Meeting Tools

5. Use various tools to engage the remote employee in the conversations.  Google Hangouts, Skype,  GoToMeeting and other on-line collaboration tools allow your team remain intellectually and visually connected.

6. Consider having everyone attend electronically if your team is only partially remote to level the playing field.

Face-to-Face Time

7. Periodically bring your entire team together. This also creates a fun team ritual (e.g., a quarterly or annual meeting).

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