TIME MANAGEMENT & “Timeboxing” is the reason I could write 13 books in 17 years.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: People often ask how I could at write so many books while completing a second doctorate, coaching churches and teaching full-time. The key is that I’ve always used and continue to use something called “timeboxing.” Here is an excellent yet concise introductory article.

Timeboxing is the new #1 productivity hackby Shelia McClear, Ladders, 2/6/19.

… It’s a simple concept: for every task you have, pick out a date and time on your calendar and box off an amount of time for that task. For that time period, you will be working on – and hopefully completing – only that task.

Timeboxing often fits right into your workflow. As Sanders puts it, “If you know that a promotional video has to go live on a Tuesday and that the production team needs 72 hours to work on your copy edits, then you know where to place the timebox.”

Timeboxing is visual.  Not only can you see it right in front of you, but so can your colleagues, if you use a shared calendar.

You can play with time. Use the scheduled periods to cut a larger problem into chunks. Spread a project over a long period of time – or compress it into a short one. Recapture periods of goof-off time that would normally be lost by scheduling a timebox where you’d normally be scrolling mindlessly. Schedule super-short timeboxes for increased focus. Timebox your email.

Read more at … https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/timeboxing-named-the-1-proven-productivity-hack