SERVANT LEADERSHIP & The 7 Pillars of Servant Leadership #Frick&Sipe #QuickIntroduction

by Michael Schwantes, Inc. Magazine, 3/24/18.

In “Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership” authors Don Frick and James Sipe describe these helpful approaches:

  1. Listen without interruption, objections, or defensiveness.
  2. Be willing to hear the speaker out without turning the table.
  3. Ask questions for clarification.
  4. Make it clear what kind of feedback you are seeking and why it is important to you.
  5. Offer a structure for the feedback–questions, rating scales, stories.
  6. Be clear with your commitment.
  7. Describe how you have benefited from the feedback and what specific steps you will take toward improvement. This builds bridges and trust with others.

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