NEWCOMERS & 6 Best and Worst Phrases To Engage Your Guests #DanReiland

by Dan Reiland, 11/29/17.

“Each new guest represents an opportunity to influence their life toward Jesus, and by His power, they can be transformed. But they need to come back for greater opportunity to impact their life.

The return rate of your guests is more important than the actual number of your guests…

It’s always disappointing when you invite someone, and they won’t come, but it’s devastating when someone does come, but because of their experience won’t come back.

6 Worst Phrases..

1) “You must be a first-time guest.”This infers that something about them doesn’t fit. For example, perhaps they are dressed up, and your church is casual. Or they arrive halfway through the service because they didn’t know what time it started.

> Instead, say something like “I’m so glad you are here!”

3) “I don’t know.” This often translates in your guest’s mind and heart as, “I don’t care.” If you don’t know the answer, that’s okay, but

> instead say something like: “Let me find the answer for you.”

4) “We’ll need you help in the nursery next week.” Yup, I’ve seen it happen! And literally heard, “Okay, your first week is ‘on us’ but if you return you have to help.”

> Instead try, “We are so happy to serve you and your family and hope to see you next week!”

5) “You look tired.” Please avoid and refrain from any subjective comments about a guest’s demeanor or appearance even if your intent is kindness or compassion. This kind of commentary infers that you are evaluating them.

> Instead, say a simple “Good morning!” which is always appropriate.

6) “That seat is saved.”

That’s close to “We don’t really want you here.”

> Instead, offer to give up your seat, or tap a committed volunteer on the shoulder who you know would love to give up their seat for a guest.

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