KNOWLEDGE WORKERS & Why You Need Them and How to Lead Them #PeterDrucker #LEAD 600

by Marcel Schwantes, Inc. Magazine, 3/8/16.

Shortly before legendary management guru Peter Drucker’s death in 2005, he made this bold declaration: Increasing the productivity of knowledge workers was “the most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century.”

What is a “knowledge worker?” Drucker simply defined it this way:

Knowledge Workers are people who know more about what they are doing than their boss does.

We’ve reached an era where the ever-increasing presence of knowledge workers, especially technologically-savvy Millennials, are rendering top-down leadership structures virtually obsolete. This is a good thing.

Today’s leaders are a different breed. This leads me to answer the question in the headline–the 1 thing great leaders never do? Assume they know more than the very people they lead.

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