STO Leadership & A Comparison Created by @WesleySeminary Leadership Students

To understand principles, a contrast/comparison chart addresses higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy and gives a visual representation.  The contrast/comparison chart below was created by my current LEAD 600 students.


Positive: They see a need and future and are dreamers with vision and creativity. (Doug B.)
Positive: Have a purpose or goal that they are working towards with passion. (Tyler K.)
Positive: always see the big picture, you can see the positive that could be accomplished.(JC)
Positive: Seem to have a vision and direction for the future. (Ryan V.)

Negative: They have a vision, but limited idea of how to get there. (Doug B.)
Negative:  May not simultaneously share appreciation of current state, demoralizing operational leaders.  Makes all feel like what they’re                                currently pouring themselves into isn’t good.  (Tyler K.)
Negative: are not sure of the steps to take to get them to where want to go. (JC)
Negative: They don’t always know how to accomplish the vision and direction for the future. (Ryan V.)


Positive: They can budget, plan, chart, graph and figure out the steps to accomplish the vision. (Doug B.)
Positive: Always coming up with ideas, which she also carried out (Christie W.)
Positive : Are able to work out the steps to implement the plan.(JC)
Positive: They are great at planning and organizing.  They like to take ownership. (Ryan V.)

Negative: They are good planners, but not always the best at rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done. (Doug B.)
Negative: The only negative aspect of the person’s excitement was that sometimes everything had to go her way because she thought it                                 was the best plan. (Christie W.)
Negative: have a hard time working with the people to put those steps in place. (JC)
Negative: They are not good with new things. They like to be left alone in order to accomplish the task ahead. (Ryan V.)


Positive: When given a task and a plan, they will “get it done!” (Doug B.)
Positive:  Acts as a servant out of love for Christ and others because they believe what they are doing matters in the big picture. (Tyler K.)
Positive: are excellent at billing relationships. (JC)
Positive: They are caring and willing to jump right in to help. (Ryan V.)

Negative: They tend to focus on the immediate task at hand and sometimes fail to see the bigger picture or future. (Doug B.)
Negative:  Stares at a tree and misses the rest of the forest.  The rest of the forest may be “burning” or unhealthy and it would take them                                a long time to notice that there is an overarching dynamic that is going to affect them if they don’t let go of their tree. (Tyler K.)
Negative: don’t like to correct people than they are wrong, so always let things slide.(JC)
Negative: They can easily fade away if placed in a position that appears tactical. Tend to be short-sighted. (Ryan V.)

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