AUTOCRATIC & Out with the old leadership styles, research confirms.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: Many of our congregational and even denominational structures emphasize a style of autocratic pastoral leadership that science has proven fails to motivate today’s volunteers. The most effective leadership style today goes by various names including transformational leadership (the name I prefer, because it emphasizes the importance of people being changed both physically and spiritually), servant leadership, etc. Read this short but insightful article contrasting the differences between autocratic and servant leadership.

Employees Naturally Trust Leaders That Display These 3 Powerful Habits
by Marcel Schwantes, Inc. Magazine, 1/28/17.

Out with the Old: Power, Control, Fear

If you subscribe to the notion that establishing power over and control of your people is the way to go in producing results, I ask you to reconsider.

Top-down bosses who spread fear are notorious for killing intrinsic motivation. And when that happens, good-employees-turned-order-takers stop exercising the very traits employers wish to see in their people–that of proactive, creative, self-starters.

Employees who don’t self-start, make decisions on their own, give input, get feedback, and grow as people with purpose, eventually suffocate and lose the will to contribute meaningfully. Exit, stage left.

In with the New: Listening, Self-Control, Humility

Regardless of what generation you identify with, every employee with a pulse wants to be treated like a valued and trusted human being with the freedom to use her God-given brain.

This requires a new behavioral paradigm for leaders to connect with the hearts and minds of people — a “human to human” (H2H), if you will, approach to leadership…

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