NEED-MEETING & Family Sentence: parenting classes in Louisiana prisons

“‘Last line of defense’: Inmates seek to keep their kids out of prison”

by | The Times-Picayune , 1/12/17.

The men are members of the group Malachi Dads. The Christian-based program is designed to help inmates continue to serve as parents despite being incarcerated, its name and mission taken from a Bible verse: “And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.”

An estimated 94,000 Louisiana children at some point have experienced the trauma that comes with losing a parent to prison. But a parent’s role in the life of a child does not have to end with their incarceration, advocates say.

Studies have found that between 33 percent and 43 percent of children who have a parent in prison will one day be incarcerated themselves. That cycle of imprisonment can be interrupted in part through parenting programs like Malachi Dads, which help inmates continue to give their kids guidance and support, advocates say.







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