TRAVEL & The cheapest dates to fly in 2017 #DMin

by Rick Seaney, USA TODAY, Dec. 27, 2016.

Domestic flights

  • Winter: Fly Jan. 7 to March 5, but watch for a bump in prices Feb. 11-24
  • Spring: Fly by April 1, before the spring price bump of April 2-18
  • Pre-summer: Fly by June 2, before the early summer price hike on June 3
  • Summer: Fly by June 19, before peak summer pricing kicks in June 20

Flights to Europe

I’ve written about the extraordinarily cheap flights to Europe for fall/winter travel earlier this year, and we’ll see good fares continue into 2017, but the big news is the summer deals for Europe which are available right now.

This is what my current analysis shows now, and prices are round-trip fares:

  • London: Consistently under $650 through the summer travel season
  • Paris: Ranges from $600 to $700, higher for travel on Sundays
  • Rome: Despite a hike for travel May 30 to Aug. 22, fares will remain under $1,000 on weekends, and about $870 midweek

The East Coast isn’t the only place seeing deals to Europe; I recently spotted an excellent fare to London in June — $544 round-trip — from Los Angeles. If you want to go to Europe this summer, go ahead and toss out the rule that says wait to shop until five months before departure because the deals are available now.

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