LEADERSHIP STYLES & Balancing a Concern for “Goals” With a Concern for “People”

What is the Style Approach to Leadership?

by Jeff McMaster, PhD, 5/4/15.

A couple of early leadership studies, one at Ohio State University and another at the University of Michigan, first undertook the research to try to identify the core behaviors of effective leadership, and both ultimately arrived at the same results, identifying two essential behaviors (albeit, described in different ways). The Ohio State study concluded that those two behaviors were “initiating structure” (or, an organized approach and framework to managing tasks and goals), and “consideration” (or, the way that the leader considers, involves, and interacts with others). The University of Michigan study concluded that those two behaviors were “product orientation” (or, how you accomplished tasks), and “employee orientation” (or, how you relate to your employees). Do you see the similarity? Both concluded that the two behaviors centered around tasks and relationships. Style Approach says, therefore, that leadership is composed of two general behaviors: task behavior and people behavior. It also follows, then, that more effective leadership does both of those behaviors well.

The Style Approach to leadership is usually portrayed as a grid (“The Leadership Grid” or “The Managerial Grid”) with two axes – Concern for Production/Results (task) and Concern for People (relationship) – and four basic quadrants. Leadership style is a reflection of the combination of high or low task behavior and high or low relationship behavior:

  • High task, low people = Authority-Compliance style
  • Low task, high people = Country-club Management style
  • Low task, low people = Impoverished Management style
  • High task, high people = Team Management style
  • Mid-task, mid-people = Middle-of-the-Road Management style
  • And, there are also combinations of these styles

Here’s what it looks like as a grid:

The Leadership Grid

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About the author:

Jeffrey S. McMaster, Ph.D.

McMaster, Jeffrey

I am an experienced leader, educator, and agent of change, with a Ph.D. in Leadership from Andrews University and over 20 years of experience in leading Christian schools through significant change and growth. I earned my B.A. in Christian Thought – Biblical Studies from Liberty University and an M.A. in Christian Counseling from Biblical Theological Seminary. Currently I am the high school principal at Heritage Christian School, Indianapolis, Indiana, and I am an adjunct faculty member in the School of Business and Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University.