EMPATHETIC LEADERSHIP & It Correlates to Organizational Growth, Productivity & Change

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: Church leaders often misconstrue a strictly task-orientated approach to leadership as the most effective leadership style. But research broadly suggests that empathetic leadership is needed too.

The Most (and Least) Empathetic Companies, 2016

…As the newly released 2016 Empathy Indexdemonstrates, empathy, which is about understanding our emotional impact on others and making change as a result, is more important to a successful business than it has ever been, correlating to growth, productivity, and earnings per employee.

The Empathy Index seeks to answer the question: Which companies are successfully creating empathetic cultures? These are the companies that retain the best people, create environments where diverse teams thrive, and ultimately reap the greatest financial rewards…


The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10, and generated 50% more earnings (defined by market capitalization). In our work with clients, we have found a correlation as high as 80% between departments with higher empathy and those with high performers…

Creating a More Empathetic Company

How do you go about infusing your company culture with more empathy? Start by identifying the trouble spots — the activities and behaviors that communicate a lack of empathy — and addressing them…

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