SOCIAL MEDIA & Online reviews of churches are growing, here’s how to react to them.

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: Larry Osborne once told me he likes “to get the bad news first,” constantly roaming the halls of his megachurch in Vista, California to talk to the average person and find out how they’re doing. Today in the electronic world of online reviews, church leaders should also be tracking what people are saying about their congregation online. In the business world online reviews have been able to make or break companies. And, the way things are headed there will be an increase in online reviews of churches. Read this article to understand the important aspects of online reviews and how to respond.

5 Unusual Ways Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Company

Think online reviews don’t matter? Think again.

by Sujan Patel, Inc. Magazine, 8/10/16.

What’s more valuable to your business – a customer who purchases $50 worth of product, or the positive review left online by a customer?

With the power of word-of-mouth amplified by the web, and the impact customers can have on a business by leaving reviews, there’s significant value in customer reviews. Both positive and negative have the potential to dramatically impact your business.

According to a study from Dimensional Research and Zendesk, 90% of customers surveyed claimed that positive reviews influenced their buying decisions. A whopping 86% said their buying experience was influenced by negative reviews…

Here are some ways I recommend approaching reviews – both positive and negative – to have a measurable (positive) impact on your business.

1. Reviews in Organic Search

A simple search query can make or break your business – and customers are searching every day. When you type in “BRANDNAME Reviews,” what kind of results do you see for your business?

… I recommend tactics like creating a testimonial page on your website optimized for “Brand Reviews.” I also recommend:

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