DISCIPLESHIP & Show Me the Way: What It Takes to Make Disciples

Most Christians want to be better disciples. They just don’t know how to get there.

by Bob Smietana, Facts & Trends, LifeWay, 6/9/15.

About a dozen years ago, Robby Gallaty and David Platt were just a couple of guys sitting in a Chinese restaurant, talking about Jesus.

The two made an odd couple: Platt was an unassuming seminary student in New Orleans; Gallaty, a towering former drug addict and new believer.

For months, they met every week to discuss the Bible, theology, and the Christian life over plates of General Tso’s chicken, with Gallaty jotting down notes on napkins. Then Gallaty would go out and try to practice what he’d learned.

Those meetings changed the course of Gallaty’s life. He’d become a Christian not long before and wanted to follow Jesus as a disciple.

But he didn’t know the way.

“I wandered aimlessly in my Christian life, uncertain of how to proceed,” he writes in his book, Growing Up: How to Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples.

Those meetings at the Chinese restaurant taught Gallaty the basics of the Christian faith and helped him practice being a disciple. He learned how to draw close to God and then to go out and share what he’d learned…

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