PREACHING & 5 Steps to Make You a Great Preacher

by Eddie Park, teaching pastor of Fullerton Ev. Free Church, social entrepreneur, grad of Biola and Stanford, Oct 2, 2015.

Here’s my five point strategy on how to move towards great preaching…

1) Evaluate Strategically

What Most Churches Do…

  • positive/negative criticism (i.e. strengths and weaknesses; pros vs cons)
  • evaluate introduction, middle, and ending

The problem with this is: It’s too general and too subjective.

A Guide to Evaluating Sermons

In the appendix of his book, Andy gives 3 questions to strategically evaluate the sermon:

a) Was the message memorable? Did you clearly communicate the one big idea? Did you reiterate and repeat this idea throughout the message?

b) Was it engaging? Did you raise the tension of the audience? Did you hit the felt need of your people? Did you make them feel like you were unpacking one of the great mysteries of life?

c) Was it helpful? Did you tell the people what to actually do? Was it applicable to their contexts? Will it transform their marriages, parenting, relationships, and vocations?

2) Establish a Teaching Team

At EvFree, we have a team of five people that make up the teaching team. This team is made up of the following roles:

  • Two other leaders. These are key leaders in the church who have immense social capital who are also strong communicators. After our teaching pastor, our secondary teachers are made up by our Missions Pastor, New Community Pastor, and myself (Executive Pastor).
  • Research Assistant or Director. Sermon prep takes roughly 20 to 30 hours for expository preachers. Roughly half (or more) goes into purely exegetical work. Have one member on the team conduct the background and word studies, thematic outlines, and illustrations and distribute high level notes to the team.
  • Teaching Interns. Your younger staff possess an invaluable perspective on how to engage millennials and post-GenY listeners. Ask them. Listen to them. They are the experts.

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