BIBLE & View of the Bible Divides Nominal and Practicing Christians #LifeWay

by Aaron Earls, Facts & Trends, LifeWay, 6/8/16.

Both nominal and practicing Christians see the Bible as sacred, but that’s where the agreement stops.

Those Christians who attend church services at least once a month, and say their faith is very important to them, hold the Bible in the highest regard for them and for society, according to the 2016 State of the Bible from American Bible Society. The same is not true for other self-identified Christians.

Ninety percent of non-practicing Christians say the Bible is sacred. That is only slightly below the 96 percent of practicing Protestant Christians who say the same. Only 36 percent of Americans of other faiths or no faith agree.

In virtually every other area, however, nominal Christians are closer to non-Christians in their attitude toward the Bible.

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