CHURCH TRENDS & The American Congregations Survey from Hartford Institute

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: The American Congregations 2015: Thriving and Surviving survey (by David A. Roozen, The Hartford Institute for Religion Research) is some of the most exhaustive and scholarly research conducted on American congregations. Every student of church health and growth should become familiar with this survey. But not just seminary students and budding scholars should will benefit from this research. Even the causal reader will find helpful charts/graphs that will give you a quick, but accurate picture of the Church in North America. The survey is available as a free PDF. I consider it as a foundational scholarly resources that every leader interested in church health and growth should consult.

Download the .pdf here:

See also Mark Chaves work at Duke University which resulted in the equally helpful National Congregations Study (NCSIII) downloadable at the link here.

American Congregations 2015 Survey Contents

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