ASIAN AMERICANS & They Rank First in Internet Use #AsAm News

by Randall, Asian American News, 3/2/16.

Asians and the internet

English-speaking Asian Americans are more likely to have technical devices than other ethnic groups.

Pew Asians and the internet report 2016

English-speaking Asians have flocked to the internet like no other group of people, according to a new PEW report.

The popular narrative says that Euro Americans “lead in technology adoption while other racial or ethnic groups struggle to keep up,” says the analysis. However, the PEW study says English-speaking Asians are more adept in the new technology that exceeds the rest of the population, including Whites.

The PEW analysis qualifies its report by noting that they did not poll non-English-speaking Asian Americans. A 2012 PEW survey found that 63.5% of Asian Americans say they speak English “very well.”

For several years, many Asian Americans have suspected they had a larger presence on the Internet much higher than their relatively small numbers in the general populace . But until now, there hasn’t been any hard data to support this thesis.

Not surprisingly, the next group in the categories were Whites, followed by African Americans and Latino Americans.

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Here are some of their findings for the English-speaking Asian Americans:

  • 95% use the Internet. It is not even close. In second place, only 87% of Euro Americans use the Internet.
  • 84% have broadband at home. The gap here is even wider. Only 72% of Whites have broadband.
  • 91% own have a smart phone. 66% of Whites own a smart phone. When including less advanced mobile phones, Asian American usage jumped to 98%.

Researchers surmise that Asian
Americans’ tendency to have higher education and higher income contribute to higher use of high-tech devices.

Hopefully, the findings will convince PEW surveyors to include Asians in their other research about the Internet use and social media.

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