EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ) & Why A Millennial’s Letter to Yelp’s CEO Got Her Fired #IncMagazine

BY JUSTIN BARISO, Inc. Magazine, 2/22/16.

… If you read my column, you know I write a lot about the role emotional intelligence (EQ) plays in the world of business. EQ involves the ability to recognize and understand your emotions, and to use that information to guide decision making. Building EQ can prove very useful by shaping our communication in a way that gets people to listen with a more open mind…

1. Don’t go live when in an emotional state.

Writing with passion is great. Although potentially destructive, anger can help us to stand up against wrongs or speak out when necessary. Some of the issues Talia addresses in her letter (low pay in an area with especially high cost of living, insensitive advice from management) are important and require discussion.

If you’re going to write, it’s fine to do so when you’re angry. Just don’t hit publish (or send)…

2. People will respond in the exact way you approach them.

If we approach people in a calm and reasonable manner, our chances are much higher that they respond in the same way. Acknowledge their difficulties and challenges, and they’ll be much more willing to listen. (I credit my wife for teaching me this lesson.)

But when Talia uses biting sarcasm with the CEO of the company, with statements like “I know [my thoughts] aren’t worth your time”, or suggests that Yelp stop “restocking flavored coconut waters since no one drinks them (because they taste like the bitter remorse of accepting a job that can’t pay a living wage…)”, it’s reasonable to believe that Stoppelman would get upset…

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