STUDENT SUCCESS & How to Send, Title and Format End-of-week Assignments in My Courses,

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 2/8/15.

In an effort to make it easy for students to submit their weekly homework, I have put in their syllabus guidelines for homework submissions.  Here below are those guidelines restated and expanded.

These are (required) protocols for students who are submitting their end-of-week, i.e. “dropbox” assignments:

LATE ASSIGNMENTS, 2% a day reduction:

–  If you turn in a posting or an assignment late, you must tell me with the post or in the message box (I trust you) how many days the paper was late and if any late penalty waiver/reduction (see below) was granted.

–  Late penalty waiver/reduction: I utilize a very minimal 2% a day tardiness penalty (official seminary policy is 10% a day). But if you think you deserve a late penalty waiver (extenuating or an emergency circumstances beyond your control) or a partial reduction of only 1% a day (circumstances partially out of your control) you must:

a) contact me 24 hours before the assignment is due (per the Wesley Seminary official guidelines),

b) note the days late and agreed late penalty in the posting or in the message box when you submit an assignment,

c) AND, be aware that because of the accelerated format of our courses I cannot give feedback on postings/papers submitted after the deadline, regardless of a waiver.


– All papers (but not postings) must be in APA format and include: a title page (with the IWU plagiarism statement at the bottom of the title page – the statement is copied below), an abstract and a reference page. (These pages do not count towards your page total, so it gives you more room to write.)

– Use appendices to for any charts, bulleted sections and additional information. (These pages also do not count towards your page total.)


All papers submitted via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) should be in .doc or .docx  If you are not using Microsoft software it is also acceptable to submit papers in PDF format. Brochures and scanned documents may only be submitted in PDF formats.

Always begin filenames with your name, then the title of the assignment.  Examples: [firstinitial.lastname – assignment title] = “B.Hancock-AP1.doc” or S.Fosua – Theology of baptism.docx


– Be sure to submit your paper in MS Word,

– Unless you and I agree on an alternative word processing program beforehand.

THAT’S IT!  These guidelines will make it easier for you to keep track of your assignments and for me to compare them.  As always, I look forward to a great learning journey with my students.

IWU PLAGIARISM STATEMENT (be sure to put this at the bottom of your title page)

I have read and understand the plagiarism policy as outlined in the syllabus and in the sections relating to the Wesley Seminary Honesty/Cheating Policy.  By affixing this statement to the title page of my paper, I certify that I have not cheated or plagiarized in the process of completing this assignment.  I also certify that the work submitted is original work for this specific course and to the MDIV program.  If it is found that cheating and/or plagiarism did take place in the writing of this paper, I understand the possible consequences of the act(s) which could include expulsion from Wesley Seminary.