WEAKNESSES & A Team Exercise to Help Mitigate Your Leadership Weaknesses

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 1/27/16.

Here is an leadership exercise to help you mitigate your weaknesses as you develop your strengths.  This is how you conduct this exercise.

1) Share what you perceive as one of your weaknesses.

> Pick a weakness that you think others could help you overcome.
> If the weaknesses to personal choose a different weakness.
> Each person should choose at least one thing in their leadership they want to improve.

2) Then comment on at least two weaknesses of others in your group.  At least two others will comment upon your weakness.

3) Give advice about how you have overcome this weakness and how you think they can overcome it.

This is an exercise that opens leaders up to helping one another overcome leadership weaknesses. But this discussion can also be personal. So here are the guidelines:

a)  When you share in a prescription for someone else’s weakness, use a weakness that you have also seen in yourself, but you have overcome.

b) Share the process you underwent to overcame that weakness.

c) Share how you knew that the weakness was finally overcome.

Just a sentence or two about each will help you develop your leadership strengths by mitigating your weaknesses too.