STUDENT SUCCESS & What to Do If You Must Withdraw or Request an Incomplete @WesleySeminary

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 12/4/15.

I always hope none of my students will need this option, but if a student feels that they must withdraw or request an incomplete for a Wesley Seminary at IWU course, they must meet the following criteria and follow the steps below:

1)  The withdrawal request or incomplete request must be submitted before 5 PM on the Thursday of week 14 for a 16-week course.  If you are in an 8 week course, then you must request an incomplete before 5 PM on the Thursday of week 7.  In the Doctor of Ministry program you must follow the appropriate rules above or in a 20 week course, submit your request by week 18.

2)  A withdrawal request must be made to the IWU Registration Change Counselor in the Office of Student Services (email them at

3) An incomplete request must be made to your professor (

  • Again, the request must be made before 5 PM on the Thursday of week 14 or week 7 (for 16 week or 8 week courses respectively). A Doctor of Ministry student enrolled in a 20 week course should request this during week 20 at the latest.
  • You must have at the time of the request have completed at least 65% of the coursework.
  • If you do request an incomplete, you must still keep up with all postings, etc.  An incomplete gives you extra time to do your papers, but because of the synchronous nature of the live discussion, official seminary policy does not allow for making up discussion after a week has ended.

As I said, I hope no one needs to use these options. But, I want to make my students aware of the timeline and criteria, since they will not be able to withdraw or receive an incomplete after the due dates.