ALLIANCE MODEL & An Example of This Type of Multicultural Church in Singapore

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: I advocate multi-venue and multi-campus churches as a way to reach out to multiple cultures (e.g. ethnicities) while running the church together with integrated councils and committees (what I call the “alliance model of multicultural church.”)  This is because I have seen reconciliation take place more by integrating committees and leadership teams than by simply having integrating worship services (were you simply sit next to each other).  One of my Fuller Seminary Doctor of Ministry students, Melt van der Spuy, found this example of how, in the increasingly multicultural urban world, the alliance model I propose makes sense for sharing assets and creating reconciliation. Take a look at this venue menu from this Singapore church.

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imageSaint Andrew’s Cathedral is owned by the Synod of the Diocese of Singapore, and is the main centre for Singapore’s Anglican Mission. The Church has a rich evangelical heritage and launched the first ever Anglican evangelical outreach in Singapore in 1856. Continuing in its evangelical tradition, and with strong links to ‘New Wine’ in the UK, St Andrews offers a variety of services on Sundays and throughout the week in different languages, styles and traditions catering for visitors, as well as the diverse Christian population of Singapore.