MULTISITE & 6 Lessons Learned from #MultiSite Tour of Chicago

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D. 11/8/15.

This is part of my continuing study of multiplication strategies. Here I add another list of characteristics in my study of multisite churches in Chicago.

Update on #MultiSite Tour of Chicago: still suffer from hospitality issues, but venues are more intimate & less polished (=more organic)

#MultiSite Tour of Chicago: good motto – “one church, six neighborhoods.”

#MultiSite Tour of Chicago: new sites are sponsored/launched by nearby site: creates localized coaching.

#MultiSite Tour of Chicago: (millennial creativity) “Text Message to __#___ to receive newcomer info.”

#MultiSite Tour of Chicago: Six (6) commonalities =

  1. pared down stage setting,
  2. no stage/house lighting effects = organic, probably due to rental space
  3. 7-10 minutes greeting between worship & Word. More fellowship time than boomers.
  4. sites multiethnic, not multicultural but neighborhood-based e.g. Rogers Park =Young Professionals
  5. smaller auditoriums (<250) create fellowship via #DunbarNumber
  6. commonalities= Multisite strategy popular w/ church denominations w/ weak denominational network (e.g. So. Bap.)