STUDENT SUCCESS: What If Your Are Not in Charge of a Ministry?

by Bob Whitesel., D.Min., Ph.D., 10/16/15.

In Wesley Seminary courses students usually select a “ministry context” in which to apply the tools they are learning.

But, what if they (you?) aren’t involved in a ministry right now?

If you aren’t involved in a ministry right now, you can use the last ministry you worked with or with my approval do a hypothetical case.  Hypothetical cases aren’t as easy to do, so that is why I want you to talk to me first to see if this option is best for you.

What if you are not “in charge” of a ministry?

Also, sometimes students wonder what they should do if they are not actually “in charge” of a ministry.  Still you should apply the principles to that ministry.  Act as if you were in charge, so I can see the way that you would lead and help you better apply the principles in this course.  After all, one day you may be leading a ministry and this preliminary forecasting can come in handy.  But be careful not to say, “Oh, I’ll never be in charge.”  That is what Moses thought, and look at what God did through him (Exodus 3).